LGO Strategic Advisors, LLC

LGO Strategic Advisors, LLC is a growth focused consultancy. Whether we partner with you at the organization or individual level, our collaboration will help ensure your growth meets or exceeds your goals.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. Every organization, and its leadership team, occasionally needs additional help. Fast growing companies face unique challenges surrounding growth. We can help ensure smart growth and help remove some of the uncertainty and angst.

We believe that any organization, particularly high-growth ones, occasionally have special projects where there is no clear internal expertise. We can step in to help on a variety of matters to help you achieve your goals.

We believe that with coaching, organizational leaders and high potential employees can unlock greater value for their career trajectory and their organization’s success.

Our Founder

Michael Sheets is the Founder and Managing Member of LGO Strategic Associates, LLC.

Michael has served as a strategic advisor to executives and other organizational leaders for over two decades. His experience spans from high growth start-ups to organizations with over 15,000 employees. Michael has hands-on experience in rapidly scaling organizations, global expansion, cultural integration, as well as a leadership coach in many contexts relevant in today’s rapidly evolving corporate environments. He has coached leaders in North America, Asia, Australia, and Western Europe and successfully navigated various cross-cultural contexts. After global HR leadership roles, Michael held strategy and operations roles in both privately held and publicly traded global organizations.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Master’s in Organization Development from American University’s AU/NTL program. He resides in Washington, DC.

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