For Organizations

Change Management Consulting

We partner with CEOs and leadership teams to help drive alignment across your strategic initiatives. LGO Strategic Associates has the skill set and experience to help your change management efforts succeed. We have decades of experience in leadership roles in high growth organizations across numerous dynamic, rapidly changing environments. We help leadership teams unlock maximum enterprise value by ensuring alignment between strategic vision and operational reality.

The team at LGO takes the time to understand your culture, operating context, and frames change in support of your goals and mission. We strategically apply the principals of Organizational Development (OD) as a guide for transformation efforts. Often, an independent, 3rd party perspective can serve as the missing catalyst and help unlock new opportunities. Such a vantage point allows for identifying objectively the hard truths that inhibit change. Our methodology helps identify barriers to transformational success. We focus on journeys of transformational change including from the perspectives of leaders, teams, individuals and processes. Our work places great emphasis on communication and respect for the workforce to adapt and embrace change.

Our transformation efforts have helped companies:

  • Evolve product offerings across new platforms.
  • Manage comprehensive restructurings on a global basis.
  • Redefined role impact and contributions for entire job families.

In support of a lasting transformation effort, we seek to understand your motivations for change, help articulate that vision and ensure leadership buy-in, design the necessary interventions, and drive the momentum needed to sustain the positive impacts of your transformation effort. Beyond initial engagements, many clients continue to partner with LGO for ongoing support. We offer quarterly assessments of follow through on action plans, and in some cases, ongoing coaching.

Fractional Support, Full-Time Impact:

LGO Strategic Advisors can act as a fractional Chief of Staff or HR Executive and add significant value without the fully loaded costs of an employee. We offer interim leadership for cross-functional projects with no clear owner, assessing senior team dynamics, or taking stock of broader organizational health. Fractional HR leadership can advance your business strategy by updating your HR service delivery model and enhancing your ‘Pride of Affiliation’ within your organization.

Special Projects

Sometimes an organization needs support on a specific, or time-bound, project. Contact us to discuss how we can provide assistance.

In addition, we take on a limited number of interim placements for operational, expansion-related, or leadership roles.
There is no set criteria, and special projects can be as diverse as:

  • Review efficacy of HR policies and procedures.
  • Reorganization planning and execution.
  • Strategic planning and project management.
  • Fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture.
  • Establishing a foreign subsidiary/office.
  • Strategic talent acquisition; confidential search.
  • Harassment investigations.

For Individuals:

Founders, and key early hires, face unique growth-related challenges in any successful, rapidly growing start-up. These individuals must not only lead their organizations through to the next level, and in doing so potentially fundamentally alter way they operate, but they must also make space for self-reflection regarding their own career goals. As your leadership coach, we can help you navigate that transformational opportunity.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching provides leaders with individualized insights into their impact on the organization and impart valuable real-world skills that increase their effectiveness, improve their professional interpersonal relationships, and helps them re-frame issues and challenges in the workplace in a way that breaks down the barriers to success.

By holding up a “mirror” to how you engage with your work, coaching allows for a protective venue to explore personal effectiveness, discuss areas of potential improvement, and model new approaches/behaviors to provide greater organizational value.

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